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Woundcare & Dressings


Dressings to help to provide protection for dry minor surgical and surface wounds.

Taping & Strapping

A range of strapping and taping products used to fix the dressing to the wound


Leukocrepe bandage is a lightweight crepe compression bandage.


Flesh coloured, thin hypoallergenic bandage.

Tubular Bandages

Tubular bandages and applicators in various materials, widths and lengths.

Tubular Gauze

Viscose tubular gauze for general podiatric applications.

Snogg Soft 1

Snogg Soft 1 is a cohesive, low-allergy, conforming bandage, perfect for podiatry use.

Wound Irrigation

A range of swabs, wipes and padding to clean and treat the wound


A collection of plasters designed to protect the wounded area and promote quicker healing

Medical Grade Lambswool

The perfect natural solution for pressure relief, cushioning or fungal treatment.


For stemming blood flow in toes.


The FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System delivers natural heel pain relief almost immediately.

Ingrowing Toe Nail Treatment Pack

The fast and extremely effective treatment pack for ingrowing toe nails.  

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Woundcare & Dressings

InTray DM Diagnostic Test Kit

InTray DM Diagnostic Test Kit

Combines innoculation, transportation, growth and observation in a single tray.

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Cutiplast Steril Dressing

Cutiplast Steril Dressing

Dressing for primary wound management. The wound pad is low-adherent so dressing changes do not disturb or inte...

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Heavy Duty Carbon Braid 8"

Heavy Duty Carbon Braid 8"

Heavy duty carbon braid - 12K.

DBX6 Composite Shell - Rigid Size 10-11

DBX6 Composite Shell - Rigid Size 10-11

Rigid - comparable compression to a polypropylene based material...


Brannock Device Kids European

The device's measuring accuracy, quality construction, and s...

Physioworx Latex Free Resistance Band XXX Heavy Violet 25m

Physioworx Latex Free Resistance Band XXX Heavy Violet 25m

The resistance band is the most commonly prescribed exercise for...