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Foot Orthotics & Insoles

The UK's largest selection of foot orthoses, insoles and orthotic components.

Algeos Podiatry offer a huge range of orthoses, insoles and components, offering the clinician an array of options when it comes to treating patients with biomechanical-related conditions.

Our orthoses range from simple, cost-effective flat-bed insoles to economical pre-fabricated orthoses that offer the closest alternative to custom-made devices. Our Podotech wedges and components complement the ranges, offering the clinician with endless opportunities for customisation.

Slimflex Orthotic Insoles

Range of neutral moulded insoles. Cost effective orthotic solution popular with NHS practitioners.

Interpod Foot Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics, reinvented as an affordable, ‘off the shelf’ solution.  This distinctive c...

Slimflex Simple Orthotics

A range of cost-effective, fully customisable foot orthotics. Available in 3 densities and 2 lengths.

Unfinished Foot Orthotics

Unfinished foot orthotics and insole blanks ready to be bespoke adjusted.

Therapeutic & Diabetic Insoles

Items designed specifically for Diabetic and Rheumatoid off-loading.

Podotech Stars

Appearance and functionality of custom orthotics, and offer endless customisation options.

Globotec Foot Orthotics

Heat mouldable foot orthotic with super soft cover.

Paediatric Orthotics

Orthotic solutions and insoles designed specifically for children.

Pre-cut Poron Insoles

All the properties of Poron cushioning, pre-cut to handy universal insole sizing.

Prothotics Foot Orthotics

These biomechanically designed orthoses go beyond the standard cushion insole products.

Comfort Insoles

Cushioning insoles for general comfort during everyday use.

Poron Chairside Packs

Poron materials in small packs of 4 pieces. Improves chairside insole production and minimises waste. 

Cutiplast Steril

Cutiplast Steril

Cutiplast Steril is a dressing for primary wound management. The...

Slimflex Comfort - Full Length

Slimflex Comfort - Full Length

Slimflex Comfort combines the superior contouring of Slimflex Si...

Aortha Benchtop Glue Activator

Aortha Benchtop Glue Activator

The Aortha Benchtop Glue Activator is a device designed to help...

Slimflex Comfort - 3/4 Length Medium Density

Slimflex Comfort - 3/4 Length Medium Density

Slimflex Comfort combines the superior contouring of Slimflex Si...