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About Us

For more than 90 years, our family and company name is synonymous with feet and professional care. This long-term experience is an invaluable asset that provides the basis for our competence and know-how. The activities span from early German foot care pioneering days to opening one of the first podiatry schools to continually setting trends with new product developments.
Always being “one step ahead” is our company history’s recurring theme and applies to all areas; e.g. product range, customer service, or environmental concerns. The sum of our experience is your guarantee for a high quality and sensible product range, rounded off with expert consultation services. This is how we define responsibility.
Our family run company is based on three columns: Product Range - Seminars - School. In our opinion, professional training and further training are among the most important aspects to secure the future of the profession. For this reason, we not only rely on product sales, opposed to other specialist retailers, but equally on professional training and specialist training. Our School for Podiatry has gained an excellent reputation for the medical profession of podiatrists and offers training to the highest standards.
The concepts “LISTENING” and “DOING” are key to our seminars. The RUCK seminars cover a wide and unique range of topics, a fact that has made them popular even abroad. This wouldn’t be possible without our speakers and teachers, accomplished specialists in their respective fields, with their ability to explain complicated contexts in an understandable and easy-to-remember manner. In addition, our parti- cipants specifically appreciate the customised service. The people of RUCK are actively committed to these values.
This is also perceptible in RUCK’s brand environment with its focus on tailor-made product solutions. Within the course of many years, our own brands have achieved a singular position in the foot care, podiatry, and cosmetics markets for their outstanding quality. Our brand PODOLOG is synonymous with innovative foot care technology, e.g. motors, beauty chairs, lights, and many more.
PECLAVUS is our traditional brand of professional care products. It offers a well-rounded product range of uncompromising natural quality. RUCK also led the way in nail correction with its innovative brace systems ORTO- GRIP professional and GOLDSTADT professional. RUCK instruments are high precision tools, representing top quality made in Germany.
RUCK hygiene offers affordable high-quality disinfectants, the same applies to RUCK pressure protection and RUCK dressings. RUCK’s product range reliably offers consistent and unique quality. This is also guaranteed by our quality management system, certified to EN 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.
90 years of RUCK represent a success story composed of tradition, innovation, and focussing on people. This is true for you, our customers, for our employees, and our generally high environmental awareness. These values will continue to accompany and guide us in the future. With RUCK as a business partner security and reliability are guaranteed.

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