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About Interpod Orthotics

Interpod orthoses are a range of clinically proven products to treat overuse injuries of the lower limb. Interpod products are only available to practitioners.

Interpod simplifies the complexities of foot biomechanics with a range of internationally renowned products designed to improve patient outcomes and support your medical practice. Interpod orthotics have design features to enhance the Windlass Mechanism by allowing the plantar fascia to function correctly.


  • Easy to prescribe
  • Immediate treatment option – reduce patient waiting time & increase productivity
  • Clinically proven
  • Cost effective
  • Improved patient compliance & outcomes

Improve patient comfort by choosing arch height

                                           6°                           8°
              Low                    Moderate                   High

Interpod provides three levels of support. These three set arch heights provide a known and predictable level of support. Every time you order an Interpod the level of support is exactly as the same unless you choose to adjust it.

Ease of prescription

Interpod orthotics require no manufacturing or any waiting time. You determine the patient’s preferred footwear type and measure the amount of support required from the orthotic. Then choose the best orthotic style and level of support from the Interpod range. Your patient can also trial several style variations immediately.

Improve patient outcomes

Patient expectations for the treatment of overuse injuries are often similar. They look for the reduction and removal of all symptoms and prefer a quick cost effective non invasive treatment method. Within the Interpod range the intrinsic design features, the choice of arch height, shank variations, materials and design differences between each orthotic type enable the practitioner to best treat their patient.

Cost effective alternative to custom-made orthoses

Interpod products are clinically designed. The orthotic profile is comfortable and suits people of all ages and activity types. The Interpod profile rarely requires adjustments, fits immediately into shoes and is comfortable. The combination of rearfoot wedge and arch height provides effective support to reduce excessive loads placed upon tissues. 


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