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Swiss DolorClast Method

The Swiss DolorClast Method uses single acoustic pressure waves to treat musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies.

Clinical Research Papers

15 out of 20 Clinical studies listed in the Pedro Database were performed with the Swiss DolorClast.

Training & Education

Learn more. Full product and clinical training available delivered by Swiss DolorClast Academy.


Watch videos of the Swiss DolorClast in use and view a wide range of images.


The Swiss DolorClast is used all over the world in many professions.


Contact us today to arrange your demonstration at our head office or in your clinic.


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Systems Available

Find the best Shockwave Therapy System for your practice.

BUPA Approved

Information regarding Bupa Physiotherapy Network 2017 to 2019.





Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive alternative to surgery, steroidal injections and oral medication. Compressed air accelerates a projectile which strikes a fixed applicator. The kinetic energy is converted into a shock wave delivered to the target tissue through the skin. These shock waves are conveyed radially for broad treatment areas.

The Swiss DolorClast® Method uses single acoustic pressure waves, called shock waves, to treat musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies. By delivering a mechanical stress to injured tissues, Shock Waves enable:

  • immediate pain relief
  • a healing reaction of the body

The Swiss DolorClast Method® is the most well-researched shock wave therapy. A combination of unique technologies, clinically proven protocols and education ensure significant improvement in given musculoskeletal and dermatological indications.  

The Swiss DolorClast® Method using shockwave therapy devices such as the EMS Swiss DolorClast® Master Shockwave Therapy System has been clinically proven in the effective treatment of a range of medical compliants, including plantar fasciopathy, shoulder pain, patellar tendinopathy, tennis elbow and more.


Shockwave Therapy Machine




EMS is a Swiss Medical Company which, in 1997, patented a ballistic technology that generates shock waves. Re-purposing Radial and Focused Shock Wave technology, EMS invented the solution for patients suffering from musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies: the Swiss DolorClast® Method is based on 3 pillars: • TECHNOLOGY • EDUCATIONCLINICAL PROOF

EMS Swiss Dolorclast





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