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Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser - 50ml

Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser - 50ml

Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser - 50ml 

Reference: NV7586

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Steroclenz Rapid is a powerful water-based foam for the rapid cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces. It has been independently tested (in the UK) in 'real world' conditions with proven contact times.
Effective against Coronaviruses. 
Proven to provide 4 hour residual protection against bacteria and spores, and ensures 99.999% kill rates against germs in 60 seconds.
Suited for all forms of commercial cleaning, cleaning blood and bodily fluid spills
Use between patients.
Consistent coverage, the white foam allows the user to see where the spray has been applied, which ensures a cost effective cleaning regime.
Can be used on all hard surfaces as it is compatible with steel, PVC, rubber, cotton, polyester and wood.



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