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Slimflex Carbon 



An EVA insole with a quick dry, moisture absorbing covering material and a carbon composite base that provides additional functional support.

The rigid base makes this insole ideal for heavier patients. This insole can be used in conjunction with Slimflex wedges and Podotech components for a customised fit.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal initial introduction to orthotic therapy, which offers greater shell control due to its rigid nylon base; perfect for first line treatment.
  • EVA device with a rigid nylon base and a deep heel cup which allows greater foot control and correction on its own and when used with wedges.
  • Quick dry, moisture absorbing covering material.
  • By itself, it provides support to the medial and lateral arch.
  • For advanced biomechanical conditions, use in conjunction wtih Slimflex wedges and Podotech components.


Usage tips:

  • Use Slimflex Carbon on its own to control a minimally deviated STJ axis.
  • Try using a Slimflex Carbon with a 3.5° rear foot wedge (MOSI).
  • Use a Slimflex Carbon with a kinetic wedge for a Functional hallux limitus pesentation.


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