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Q Shield™ Biofog clinic decontamination service

Q Shield™ Biofog clinic decontamination service

Q Shield™ Biofog clinic decontamination service 

Reference: NV0981


Q Shield bio-fogging system and surface treatment is a revolutionary surface application as a solution to contaminated rooms or any surface area which continue to provide protection against re-infection by further microbial contaminants. Depending on the room use, Q Shield offers up to


It works by providing an invisible coating to virtually any surface by spraying the Q Shield treatment through the whole room, killing all type of germs and preventing re-infection. This coating provides the most effective, persistent, non-leaching antimicrobial agent available today.

The difference between Q Shield™ and other products available is the unique blend of chemicals which allow it to adhere to any surface. The component polymers and silica molecules form a virtually indestructible chemical bond creating a shield which kills bacteria, viruses, germs, mould spores and fungi that come into contact with the treated surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protects against MRSA, Norovirus, E-Coli, C Difficile, the Flu virus, HIV, Listeria, Salmonella, Klebsiella and Hepatitis and there are no known resistant strains of bacteria, virus or fungi to Q Shield formulation.
  • It has better antimicrobial kill than all the leading brands available today, which has been proven by independent laboratories.
  • Its formulation contains a unique organosilane quaternary compound making it the only range of 5th Generation Si Quats (Silane Quaternary Compounds).
  • Mode of action: it forms a microscopic coating on the surface that prevents and inhibits microbial colonisation.
  • Does not wash off
  • Cost-effective solution: Only £4 per day!
  • Does not leach, transfer or absorb when dried. Non-Flammable. Colourless.
  • Non-toxic on the skin or by inhalation when dried due to its low level of alcohol.
  • Unique in structure, effectiveness, protection level and application to any product on the market.
  • Not deactivated by Anionic soaps or surfactants.
  • CE Mark and Class I Medical Device
  • Protection tested by EN 1500, EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 14476; EN 14476; EN 16615

The Bio-fog service include:

A Service Team will perform the spraying of Q Shield across the room with a bio-fogging machine. This service includes 1L of the Q Shield unique formula (sufficient to spray up to 4 rooms measuring 12 sq metres). A certificate will also be issued by the Service Team.

How the Bio-fog service works:

The team will use a bio-fogging machine to pump the Q Shield at high velocity through a specially designed nozzle creating a fine Q Shield mist. This ensures a good full-room coverage as the mist works around the room through the fogger. The Q Shield mist contacts all exposed surfaces, forming an antimicrobial barrier as it bonds to the surfaces (note the mist saturates the atmosphere but not the surfaces therefore there is no 'dripping').

After a room is fogged, it should be sealed for around 4 hours. The room can be used as soon as the surfaces are dry.

Your clinic room is then protected for up to 12 months.

After biofogging a room with Q Shield, the ceiling, walls, floor and surfaces of the room are covered in a persistent antimicrobial barrier. This will kill all bacteria which comes into contact with it. The antimicrobial capabilities of Q Shield should eliminate the need for cleaning with strong disinfectants and chemicals. The cleaning routine after the biofogging will only need vacuuming the floor and mild detergents for other surfaces to break down blood, bodily fluids, sweat, grease or oil, and remove them from the surface of the Q Shield barrier. For heavy use surfaces, it is recommended to wipe them with Q Shield wipes (NV0979) or use Q Shield surface care spray (NV0980).

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