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Ice Power Magnesium In - Strong 90g tube

Ice Power Magnesium In - Strong 90g tube

Ice Power Magnesium In - Strong 90g tube 

Reference: PX1947

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Ice Power Magnesium In Strong Cream is an emulsion cream to be used locally which absorbs well and quickly. It contains magnesium in sulphate form and can be used regularly to prevent muscle cramps and muscle stiffness.

Ice Power Magnesium In Strong cream can be used also together with magnesium food supplements (e.g. in malabsorption) and it is also a good alternative when orally taken magnesium causes stomach irritation.

Do not stain. Safe to use by everyone.


People who suffer muscle cramps and muscle stiffness, for example associated to age (elderly people) or to sport/exercise.

How to use:

Massage the cream on the desired muscles 2-3 times a day. For quick absorption, apply the cream on the inside of the knees or elbows.

4-5 cm line of the Magnesium In Strong cream contains 10 mg of magnesium.


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