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DARCO PegAssist® Off-loading Insole


DARCO PegAssist® Off-loading Insole 


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Codes NV0971 – NV0978N are for use with MedSurg Post Op Shoe, & Dual Relief Shoe.
- Codes NV3370 – NV3374 are for use with OrthoWedge, HeelWedge, All Purpose Boot
The DARCO PegAssist™ Insole System features a multi-indication removable-peg chassis that effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot after surgery or when wounds are present.
selective off-loading for:
  • Plantar lesions
  • Plantar ulcerations
  • Pressure points
Features & Benefits:
  • Insole is designed for use with the right or left boot.
  • Removable pegs allow for localized off-loading of wounds and ulcerations of the foot.
  • Pressure reduced by as much as 60% while allowing the patient to remain ambulatory.
  • PORON® Cushioning cover eliminates the incidence of ring edema and edge abrasion.
  • Included stabilizer board prevents adjacent pegs from collapsing.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations designed to fit most DARCO shoes.
  • New Firmer EVA!
  • Effective insole system for plantar off-loading in acute treatments.
  • Used postoperatively or in acute treatments.



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