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Clearly Adjustable Combination Lift


Clearly Adjustable Combination Lift 

Foot & Size:
Product Features:


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The Clearly Adjustable Combination Lift is a new therapeutic option for compensation of leg length discrepancy. By inserting a combination of transparent full-foot and rear-foot layers, the Combination Lift allows
you to minimise the change in ankle angulation, gait and foot pressure.

Product Features:

  • Allows for staged introduction of heel lift.
  • Adjustable up to 19mm.
  • Full-length design minimises ‘foot slant’.
  • Fits under the insole to minimise fitting issues.


  • Gradual height reduction eases stretching after healing.
  • Firm support and control for sports and athletic footwear.
  • Where gait is adversely affected by standard heel lifts.

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Where forefoot needs to reach the floor on the real short leg

"<p> A heel lift though invaluable for my work, is not always ideal, &amp; I&#39;m sometimes faced with a patient with a &quot;unilateral compartment syndrome&quot; on the Tibialis anterior, as the forefoot has to constantly reach further on the anatomically shorter leg. Taking into account all the compensations in the lower limb and pelvis, this device is essential to prevent symptoms from recurring.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> "

by Leom Woodal - chiropractor (Guest)