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Classic Day & Night Heel Pain Kit

Our Classic Day & Night Heel Pain Package is the basic Heel Pain prevention kit for your patients.  

Complete Human Skeleton Model Set

First class reproduction of a human adult skeleton model.

Cotton Flannel Couch Cover

Couch/Table cover fitting various sizes mentioned within. 100% Flannel material.

Couch Cushions & Bolsters

A collection of various couch cushions & bolsters from Physioworx.

Exercise Mat Carry Strap

A convenient way to carry your exercise mat.

Pain Relief Bundle Package

This bundle contains products that are known to help ease aches and pains, such as back pain, sprains and muscle aches. 

Physioworx 2 in 1 Balance Board

This 2 in 1 balance board can help retrain proprioception (the sense of balance) after injury, preventing further injury and ensuring a speedy return to sporting exercise.

Physioworx Adjustable Hand Exerciser 10-30Kg

The Physioworx Adjustable Hand Exerciser allows you to adjust tension from 10kg to 30kg.

Physioworx Adjustable Hand Exerciser 10-40Kg

The Physioworx Adjustable Hand Exerciser allows you to adjust tension from 10kg to 40kg.

Physioworx Adjustable Hand Exerciser 5-20Kg

The Physioworx Adjustable Hand Exerciser, suitable for anyone who requires to increase hand strength.

Physioworx Adult Seating Wedge

Used to help improve posture and reduce back pain when sitting down whether at home or at work.

Physioworx Aintree 2 Section Physiotherapy Couch

Physioworx Aintree 2 Section Electric Physiotherapy Couch.  Exeptionally robust and designed for constant heavy use.

Physioworx Ankle/Wrist Weights

Using ankle and wrist weights is a practical way to get more out of a walking exercise.

Physioworx Anti Burst Exercise Ball - 250Kgs

Ball-based exercises help to improve control and strength of both the back and abdominal muscles.

Physioworx Arena 120 Portable Chiropractic Table

The Physioworx Arena 120 Series is a very popular portable drop table.

Physioworx Ascot Neurology Treatment Table/Couch

Physioworx Height adjustable Neurology Couch developed for patients suffering from neurological conditions.

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