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PU Gel Never Slip Ball Foot Pad

The Podotech PU Gel Pad is a flexible, self-adhesive Ball of Foot Pad that Never Slips. It provides cushioning to the ball of foot. 

PU Gel Never Slip Dancer Pad

Introducing the Podotech PU Gel Never Slip Dancer Pad: designed to absorb shock and pressure at the metatarsal area of the foot. 

PU Gel Sandal Spreader with Teardrop

Cushions the ball of the foot to help prevent aches and pains.

PU Metatarsal Pads (10 pack)

Polyurethane met pad with adhesive backing. High raise.

Silicone Gel Insole With Soft Reliefs & Metatarsal Raise

Dual durometer construction for extra protection of heel, mid-foot and forefoot areas.

Slimflex EVA Moulded Insoles

Basic white EVA insole with soft grey towelling cover.

Slimflex Kinetic Insoles

Provides maximum support and comfort, reducing fatigue and preventing injuries.

Slimflex Plastic Insoles

EVA insole with a quick dry, moisture absorbing covering material and rigid nylon base that provides additional functional support.

Slimflex Plus Insoles

The flat base allows this basic supportive insole to be adapted to the needs of your patient with our range of Podotech wedges and components.

Slimflex Standard Insoles

Basic strengthened green EVA insole that provides increased support.

Thermoplastic Forefoot Relief Pad

Cushions the ball of the foot to help prevent aches or pains. Shock absorbing pattern holds product in place.

Thermoshell Foot Orthotics

Thermoshell heat mouldable blank orthotics.

Thermoshell Hot Top

Heat resistant pad can be used as interface when heating and moulding orthotic blanks.  

Thermoshell Pillow

Allows to be suspended while maintaining neutral subtalar joint alignment as it bears load.  

Thermoshell Top Covers - Bamboo Neolon

Thermoshell Top Covers - Bamboo Neolon  

Thermoshell Top Covers - Leather

Thermoshell Top Covers - Leather