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Podotech Moleskin Roll

Podotech Moleskin Roll made from 100% cotton with hypoallergenic adhesive.

Podotech Plane Simple

An educational aid designed to explain the body planes during a biomechanical assessment.

Podotech Semi Compressed Felt Mixture

Podotech Semi-Compressed Adhesive Felt Mixture with a composition of 50% wool and 50% rayon viscose.

Podotech Semi Compressed Pure Wool Felt

Podotech Semi Compressed Pure Wool Felt is an adhesive felt with a composition of 100% pure wool.

Podotech Stars - Capella

¾ Length. Layer of EVA & Neoprene through the heel & arch, and Neoprene throughout the forefoot.

Podotech Stars - Mira

Additional EVA layer offers comfort and relief from foot pain.

Podotech Stars - Polaris

Good for older patients and sports patients due to the shock absorbing top cover and flexible shell.

Podotech Stars - Regulus

EVA & Neoprene through the heel & arch, and Neoprene throughout the forefoot.

Podotech Stars - Sirius

Ideal for custom work. Open forefoot allows you to make forefoot adaptations.

Podotech Tubular Toe Foam

Podotech Tubular Toe Foam dressing aids ideal for friction and pressure relief.

Podotech Wedge Strips

The Podotech Wedged Strips are made from High density (A65) EVA which have been pre-cut into wedge strips making them suitable for insole adaptations.


The Podowedge (A65) is made from High density EVA and has been pre-cut into a wedged shape making it suitable for medial or lateral postings, moulded inserts or insoles.

Poron 4000 Heel Cushions - One Size

Grey Poron 4000. Available with or without adhesive backing.

Poron 4708 Heel Cushions With Adhesive Backing

Poron Heel Cushions - With Adhewsive Backing - Poron Type: Blue 4708. Sold in pairs.

Poron Cobra Pads (5 pack)

Available in sizes: 3/4, 5/6 7, 8/9 10+.

Posting Wedge Heel Pieces

The EVA Wedged Heels are pre cut EVA heels suitable for rear foot postings.