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Aortha Non-Slip Soling

Lightweight, non-slip soling material, developed for Orthopeadic applications.

Aortha OrthaFix Spray Adhesive - 500ml

Introducing Aortha OrthaFix Spray adhesive, a heavy duty aerosol adhesive that gives exceptionally strong adhesion.

Aortha OrthaGrip Rubber Solution

Introducing Aortha OrthaGrip Rubber Solution, a versatile rubber solution adhesive ideal for working with rubber, leather and textiles.

Aortha OrthaPrime Primer for Rubber

Introducing Aortha OrthaPrime, an ideal adhesive which provides a perfect bond when working with rubber materials.

Aortha OrthaPrime+ Primer for PU (1 Litre)

The Aortha OrthaPrime produces perfect bonding when working with PU materials.

Aortha Orthazolve

Formerly known as Actithin TFS - High quality, Toluene Free (Safer for the environment and for the user) Thinner with a high solvent content for thinning of Neoprene adhesives.

Aortha PE1000

Ultra rigid, lightweight high density polyethylene.

Aortha PE500

Lightweight, high density polyethylene.

Aortha PPC

Particularly suitable for applications where impact strength and heat resistance is important.

Aortha PPC Prosthetic Square - Beige

Prosthetic Square used for check sockets.

Aortha PPC Prosthetic Square - Natural

Prosthetic Square used for check sockets.

Aortha PPH Prosthetic Square

Pre-cut material, cut to smaller managable sizes.

Aortha PPH Sheeting

Pure Polypropylene (Homopolymer) that gives a higher rigidity in thin applications.

aortha Salford Orthotic Grinding Machine

The aortha Salford sanding and grinding machine has been uniquely designed for the manufacture of Foot Orthotics and insole adaptations.

Aortha Silicone Spray - 500ml

Introducing Aortha Silicone Spray, a concentrated, odourless fast drying lubricant ideal for use in the Orthotics and Prosthetics industry.

Aortha Soling Swatch

A range of Aortha Soling materials, in different thicknesses, textures and hardness.