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Algeos offers a number of training events for Physio & Rehab professionals.  Training events range from T...

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Upto 50% Off on selected Physio & Rehab supplies!

Acupuncture Needles

A wide range of Acupuncture needles with steel, copper, plastic handles with or without guide tubes.

Assessment Tools

Many assessment tools to gauge how rehabilitation has gone or to simply test and measure strength.


Here are products to aid rehabilitation in the water, helping the user regain strength & mobility.

Balance Therapy

Using the Physioworx balance aids will help improve balance and strengthen muscles.

Barefoot Science

NEW to Algeos - The innovative foot strengthening system.


Bodytonix is a new, high quality brand from Algeos offering a wide range of bracing and support solotions.

Casting Room Supplies

Offering products to the professional end user which are manufactured from high quality materials and components.

Chiropractic Equipment & Tables

High quality chiropractic equipment and tables on offer, catering for all of your daily needs.

Clinic Hygiene

Everyday hygiene products to keep your clinic/practice clean and bug free.

Educational Posters & Charts

High quality educational wall charts & posters.

Anatomical Models

Huge range of anatomical models to aid in the education of the body and it's parts.


A highly effective treatment for pain and is used and recommended by sports coaches & physiotherapists.

Exercise Mats

Provides cushioning for any floor exercises

Exercise Balls & Rollers

Balls & Rollers are an ideal solution to stretching, pilates training, yoga and physiotherapy.

Exercise Bands/Tubing

Our range of resistance bands and tubing are suited for aiding therapy and rehabilitation or improving fitness. Ou...

First Aid Supplies

First aid kit supplies including plasters and wound dressings.

Foot Orthotics and Insoles

The UK's largest selection of foot orthoses, insoles and orthotic components.

Hot & Cold Therapy

An effective way to treat injuries, often used by Physiotherapists.

Hand & Wrist Therapy

Hand Therapy and physiotherapy rehabilitation is essential following hand or wrist injuries.

Heel Lifts for Physio

Heel lifts for leg length discrepancy and biomechanical manipulation.

Infection Control

Algeos offer a comprehensive range of infection control accessories.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is designed to stimulate the blood circulation, massage muscles and help relieve tension.

Mobility Aids

Enabling the patient, disabled or elderly person to dress and wash easily and quickly.  


Magnetodyn is a new innovative product which uses magnet therapy to speed up muscle recoveries.


MoogWax massage wax has been developed for massage therapists by massage therapists.

Naqi Massage Lotions

These massage lotions are Hypoallergenic and easy to rinse off using water.


Neo G offer a dynamic range of premium, medical grade products designed and manufactured by orthopaedic profession...

OKM Imobilisation System

Cotton fabric bag and polyurethane foam combined create the perfect immobilisation system.

OptoGait Gait Analysis System

Innovative systems for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients.


Designed by a patient for physiotherapists and patients when undertaking lower leg rehabilitation

Physio Clinic Furniture

Furniture and equipment for the Physio clinic. Includes lights, chairs and diagnostic equipment.

Physio Couches and Tables

A selection of high quality physio couches and tables, suitable for any clinic. 

Paediatric Rehabilitation

A selection of rehabilitation supplies designed specifically with children's needs in mind.

Plaster Cast Protection

ProtectaCast are waterproof covers to protect your cast or dressing whilst you shower, bathe or swim.

Rowo Massage Lotions & Oils

Rowo Massage Massage Lotions and Oils are dermatologically & allergologically tested containing Vitamin E.

Rehabilitation/Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment in all shapes and sizes to accommodate everybody no matter the circumstances. Perfect for rehabi...

SpiderTech Pre Cut Sports Tape

The only kinesiology tape that comes precut and ready-to-apply.

Strengthening Aids

Strengthen your entire body by exercising with Physioworks strengthening aids.  

Stretching Aids

Stretching helps to decrease the risk of injury during physical exercise.

Supports & Compressions

Compression and support therapy solutions for sport and everyday use.

Taping & Strapping

Taping, straping and fixation solution for the busy physio room.

Training Aids

Foot Models, Posters and educational tools to aid in the learning process.

Ultrasound For Physiotherapy

Therapeutic ultrasound is a treatment modality commonly used in physical therapy.

Ultrasound Gel

Used for all types of ultrasound exams, including obstetric, vascular and cardiac.

Wedges & Cushions

Seating wedges help with posture and help prevent back pain.

Walkers and Splints

Walkers and splints for ankle and lower limb conditions.

Physiotherapy routes itself in many disciplines including: sports, EMG, geriatrics, neurologic, prosthetics, orthotics, orthopaedics and pediatrics. Algeos Physio far reaching product offerings are accepted and used daily in all these disciplines especially lower limb Physiotherapy, where products such as foot orthotics, walkers, heel lifts and imobilisation solutions are widely used and trusted.

Algeos Physio & Rehab are global suppliers to the Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) and Rehabilitation sectors. We specialise in diagnostics, exercise & therapy equipment, electrical therapy, orthotics and everyday Physio consumables.

We design, manufacture and stock a large range of products, including some the Worlds leading rehabilitation brands. Brands from Algeos include: Physioworx, Bodytonix, Podotech, Barefoot Science, Ice Power, Slimflex and Interpod.

Some of the popular items within this section are:

Latex/Latex Free Resistance Tubing, Bands and Loops
Acupuncture Needles
Kinesiology Sports Tape
Ice Packs & Ice Powe pain relieving gel
Ultrasound Gel
and much much more!

Algeos is a Member of the ALG Family of companies with Headquarters in Liverpool, UK.