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A portable, simple and effective aid to rehabilitation after trauma or surgery and helps to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). A convenient lightweight tool designed by a patient for physiotherapists and patients when undertaking lower leg rehabilitation, the device replaces the existing apparatus in hospital care plans and within the home environment.

Currently physiotherapists/health professionals use a sliding board and rolls of tubigrip (made into a “nest” or “donut” to house the heel) for exercise treatments for patients that have lower limb rehabilitation needs. The Ortho-Glide lower limb exerciser is a self-treatment device and the first of its type which aims to provide a
more effective method of home rehabilitation after lower limb trauma or surgery.

ORTHO-GLIDE® makes the process of lower limb exercising easier and is helpful in improving range of motion, joint exibility and in regaining muscle tone in a way that is simpler for the practitioner to dispense and easier for the patient to use. Recent concerns regarding the spread of infection have raised doubts about the safety of sharing equipment such as sliding boards. ORTHO-GLIDE ® has been developed to address these concerns. As ORTHO-GLIDE® can also be used in conned areas, this makes the product a suitable aid for exercising to prevent DVT.

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Orthoglide Lower Leg Exerciser

Orthoglide Lower Leg Exerciser

Designed by a patient for physiotherapists and patients when undertaking lower leg rehabilitation.

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