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Aortha Sheet Foams & EVAs

High quality Aortha EVA sheeting and other foams used throughout the orthopaedic industry.

Aortha Plastics

Aortha plastics are designed for use in Orthotic and Prosthetic appliance manufacture.

Aortha CAD-CAM Materials

CAD-CAM is becoming a popular method in designing and manufacturing custom orthoses.

Aortha Composites

Carbon Composite panels, plates and equiptment for the use of manufacturing foot orthotics and prosthetics.

Cushioning Materials

Sheet cushioning and memory foams for orthotics, prosthetics, footwear and bracing systems.

Aortha Fabrics

A selection of high quality covering materials for the use in manufacturing orthotics and footwear.

Aortha Leather

Leather has numerous Orthotic applications including cosmetic linings or as an actual functional orthotic componen...

Material Swatches

We have a large range of materials available, swatches are a great way of choosing which material you would like t...

Aortha LAMs

Aortha LAMS are pre-laminated, combination sheets of PORON and various popular Fabrics, Plastazotes and PORON.

Spirit CT850 Commercial Treadmill with TFT Console

Spirit CT850 Commercial Treadmill with TFT Console

Due to the flat sides of these treadmills, they are suitable for...

RUCK Plastic Cleaner 1000ml

RUCK Plastic Cleaner 1000ml

RUCK Eraser Sponge

RUCK Eraser Sponge

As if by magic, even persistent contamination disappear from you...

Orthashell Orthotic Blanks

Orthashell Orthotic Blanks

The Orthashell combines a unique blend of polymerized polyprop...