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Shoe Care & Sundries

Ice Traction Devices

Traction devices to help prevent slips and falls on snow or icy surfaces.


Range of laces for everyday use.

Little Hotties

Air-Activated Little Hotties help you keep warm during the colder months of the year.

Patient Shoe Fitting

Aids to help manoeuvre the foot into boots or shoes.

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Patient Shoe Fitting


32" Shoelift

32” shoe horn, ideal for patients with bending and mobility problems.

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17" Shoelifts

Long-handled 17” plastic shoe horns help to manoeuvre the foot into boots or shoes.

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Shoe polishes, traction devices, laces, waxes, shoe fitting and shoe horns.

COOLmax AFO liner

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Black sock liner

AFO Liner Sock - Black

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COMBIped Braces - Soft

COMBIped Braces


Aortha Lams - PORON/Fabric Combination Sheets

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