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Pe-Lite Foam

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Pe-Lite Foam

Pe-Lite - Beige - Shore A30

Pe-Lite - Beige - Shore A30

Pe-Lite Medium - Beige

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Pe-Lite - White - Shore A45

Pe-Lite - White - Shore A45

Pe-Lite Firm - White

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Pe-Lite is an expanded cross-linked white or beige sponge foam material. It is lightweight, soft to the touch and moisture resistant. 

It is commonly used for lower-limb prosthetics - generally as cushioning inner liner between the stump and the socket.

Typically used in 3mm, 5mm or 7mm thickness. Pe-Lite moulds plastically under heat and pressure to conform to the inside socket shape.

Pe-Lite is heat mouldable at 220°F - 250°F.



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