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What's New

NEW and innovative products for Orthotics and Prosthetics workshops.

Sheet Foams & EVAs

High quality Aortha EVA sheeting and other foams used throughout the orthopaedic industry.

Aortha Plastics

Aortha plastics are designed for use in Orthotic and Prosthetic appliance manufacture.

CAD-CAM Materials

CAD-CAM is becoming a popular method in designing and manufacturing custom orthoses.

Carbon Composites

Carbon Composite panels, plates and equiptment for the use of manufacturing foot orthotics and prosthetics.

Cushioning Materials

Sheet cushioning and memory foams for orthotics, prosthetics, footwear and bracing systems.

Adhesives & Bonding

Huge range of adhesives and bonding items such as tapes and glues.

Orthotic Coverings

A selection of high quality covering materials for the use in manufacturing orthotics and footwear.


Leather has numerous Orthotic applications including cosmetic linings or as an actual functional orthotic componen...

Orthopaedic Components

A selection of products designed specifically for orthotic manufacture.

Prosthetics Supplies

A selection of braids, laminating and adhesive solutions, stockinettes and socks for use in prosthetics.

Diagnostic Equipment

Electronic sensors to provide extensive analysis options.

Machinery & Technology

Great machines at great prices. Machines for orthopaedics, shoes and general use.

Hand Tools

A selection of hand tools for use in manufacture and repair in the O&P, Footwear and Podiatry industries.

Safety Equipment

Protective wear and devices to ensure safety in manufacturing.

Aortha LAMs

Aortha LAMS are pre-laminated, combination sheets of PORON and various popular Aortha Fabrics.

Saver Section

Take advantage of Algeos stock clearence offers and promotions.

Algeos has been supplying the Orthotic and Prosthetic market for over 20 years. We supply semi- finished Foot Orthotics, Prosthetic Manufacturing Supplies, Sheet Materials, CAD-CAM Consumables, Machinary and various Adhesives for all forms of O&P manufacture. Recently we have also added a range of high quality Prosthetic Socks, Shrinkers and Post-op Sleeves.

Add to this a new range of assessment, diagnostics and high-tech manufacturing technology solutions, and you have the most comprehensive range of O&P supplies available anywhere in the UK and Europe.

PU Gel Dance Pad

PU Gel Never Slip Dancer Pad

Introducing the Podotech PU Gel Never Slip Dancer Pad: desi...

PU never slip pad

PU Gel Never Slip Ball Foot Pad

The Podotech PU Gel Pad is a flexible, self-adhesive Ball of Foo...

Franklin Fascia Roll™

Franklin Fascia Roll™

The water-filled Fascia Roll™ is ideal for massaging,...


Aortha Lams - PORON/Fabric Combination Sheets

Aortha LAMs are pre-laminated, combination sheets combining PO...