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Cryoalfa S Handheld Cryosurgery Device - P


Cryoalfa S Handheld Cryosurgery Device - P 

Reference: NV3640

Pharmacy Item: Available only to HPC registered practitioners.

Shipping: Can ship only within United Kingdom


Cryoalfa S is a handheld cryosurgery unit complete with gas cartridge and instructions.


  • Handheld Cryosurgery made simple.
  • Level of cold generated by the rate at which the button is depressed.
  • Treatment of various foot conditions e.g. warts etc.
  • Cryoalfa-S may also be used for skin lesions - very convenient
  • Cost per treatment is 50p or less
  • Quick and safe to operate
  • Freezes to -89C to a depth of 3mm
  • Swiss made with appropriate CE mark.


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